AMZ Investment Group, LLC (AMZIG) is a real estate investment company that purchases distressed and foreclosure properties at a wholesale price and renovates the properties with good quality products “turning houses into great quality homes.” We, at AMZ, take pride in our quality products and services and stand by our commitment to provide buyers with better quality homes. Also, we provide our investors with a great rate of return on their investments within a short period of time.  We put our investors as our first priority and make sure that they get their investments and profits first before we take our share. We build our relationships on trust and communication, and we ensure that our investors stay abreast of our progress by providing them transparency.


If you are a wholesaler or a seller in distressed situation and would like to get more information.  

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If you are an investor interested in knowing more about how you can invest with our company.

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Turning houses into great quality homes

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